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    My best friend is like my twin soul. It’s just that I am the pretty one and you are the kind one.

    I cannot and will not even imagine my life without you. Thanks for being the most awesome friend that one could have.

    Real friends will try their best to share their joys with you and not their sorrows. You, being a real friend to them, will just make you realize their sufferings.

    Having a best friend that will last a lifetime is the best gift in the world and I am thankful that I got you!

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    You are my friend that, if not a girl, I would have married because you are dearest person to me.

    The thing I love about my best friend is that he treats me exactly the way I treat him and I am a very crazy friend. So he is.

    I know that it’s tough to walk through the difficult times with you, but I’d rather walk the difficult path, rather than walk in the easy path alone.

    They say every friendship is built on self-interest. Well, that’s true since I wanted you to be my friend so that I would have the best friend in the world. That’s pure self-interest.

    If a friend cannot understand the way you are feeling, then he or she is a friend who does not know you. And not knowing you means not interested in you.

    Distance will never be an issue for a true friend. It’s almost amazing to talk to your best friend for hours like it was yesterday when you’ve been away for years.

    They say a friend in the times of need will always be a true friend. I need some money best friend.

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