Best I Love You Status, Quotes For Whatsapp

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    No matter how hard the Situation in life but I love you so much.

    You know you are with your best friend when you can be totally off-guarded and silly. I love you and you will always be my best friend ever.

    I once thought that my life was perfect Then you showed up and now I am certain I love you and look forward to spending our lives together in perfect harmony Happy Valentine’s Day.

    No other woman in the world can hold a candle to your beauty, charm, and grace. I’m so grateful that we’re together! I love you so much!

    You’re the only one in this world I want to be with from now until forever. Thank you for giving me your heart. I love you so much!

    You and I were made for one another. We fit together like a hand in a glove. Thank you for choosing to be my girlfriend. I love you!

    Before I met you, I didn’t truly understand what it meant to love someone. Now that we’re together I can’t imagine what life would be like without you. I love you so much!

    I love you so much that I would be willing to lay down my life for you. You’ve brought me more joy than I ever thought was possible. I will love you forever.

    A love like ours doesn’t happen every day. I feel so blessed to have found someone who is an ideal match for me. I love you so much!

    I never thought I would be able to have a relationship with someone as special as you. I love your charming smile, your warm embrace, and the sweet tenderness of the love we share.

    Life is so much richer and more fulfilling since I met you. You fill a void in my heart that no one else could ever fill. I love you!

    There’s no other person on this earth that I’d love to spend my life with. I Love you girl!

    I will be always by your side in good and bad times, in happy and sad moments… because I love you!

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